CAVN-Retractable Nozzle Vacuum Sealer with Gas Purge (Built-in-Compressor)

Regular price $3,705.00

Expanding the abilities of the AVN model, the CAVN cuts the need for additional equipment. Completely self-contained, the CAVN is ready to perform out of the box, giving greater flexibility for placement locations within your facility. We’ve simplified our design with the same high-quality components that have made all AmeriVacS vacuum sealers the best in the industry.
The CAVN flushes our oxygen and moisture with any inert gas of your choice, the automated stainless-steel nozzle retracts, and your components are sealed in seconds, protected from the threats of oxygen and moisture. From our innovatively simple nozzle system to our ultramodern safety features, AmeriVacS continues its
tradition of manufacturing efficient, dependable, easy to use vacuum sealers.
  • $15 Handling fee per machine.

  • Available Upgrades: BAS- Upper & Lower Heating Elements, Stainless Steel, CE Certification, 220 Volt Conversion, Dual Nozzle w/ dual vac pumps, Low-Pressure Bar Close, Digital Temperature Control, Ported Exhaust. Some upgrades may delay shipment date.

  • Available Accessories: VF-Vacuum Filter, VR- Vacuum Regulator, Work Tray.
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